Why cleaning solar panels is important and necessary

You’ve invested a lot to get your solar panels installed, so their upkeep and maintenance is not only logical, but necessary. Here’s why you should get them cleaned by professionals.
  1. Efficiency
While solar panels are tilted and most dirt will fall off or be washed away with rain, dust and dirt – especially bird droppings – can accumulate on the surface, and potentially reduce the efficiency and output of solar panels by no small margin.
  1. Inspection
Out of sight, out of mind – right? For an investment of this scale, you’d do well to check up on your solar panels from time to time, which you’re more likely to do if you’re getting them cleaned, to ensure there are no visible signs of unexpected damage, such as a cracked surface, that could cause serious harm, including electrocution.
  1. Longer life-span
While solar panels are built to be durable and withstand the elements, a build-up of particles and dust that’s common in our environment will, over time, contribute to their wear and tear if they aren’t cleaned well, which will ultimately cause their premature decline.
  1. Safety
Cleaning solar panels isn’t as simple as climbing a ladder and giving them a quick wipe. Remember, you are way above the ground, you need to carry up cumbersome equipment – at the very least, a bucket of water and a brush with a long stem – and you need to lean over long distances to reach all the panels on your roof. Hiring the experts for such a job could avert serious accidents.
  1. Good as new
Anything looks better when it’s clean, from your car to your home, and even your solar panels. You might be fooled into thinking what’s the point of keeping them clean when you hardly ever see them, but the appealing aesthetic of your home or office includes those parts that you don’t see all the time… and that also means your roof.