Who We Are

Founded by Mr. Emanuel Degiorgio in 1969, Bad Boy Cleaning Services Limited has over 43 years experience within the domestic and industrial cleaning sector. Our specialised knowledge has allowed us to always remain at the forefront of this challenging field.

We have developed a spotless reputation for impeccable service with our clientele, and our team of dedicated specialists can handle any project, big or small while guaranteeing a discreet and professional level of service.

By continually investing in both new technology and continual training for our staff, as well as maintaining our keen eye for detail, we are able to provide a true value for money service that has made our company name synonymous with excellence in this field.

Our Staff

Our highly trained workforce is fully conversant with relevant health and safety issues, as well as environmental concerns. In addition, all our staff are thoroughly vetted for prior good conduct and are aware of security issues, data sensitivity and can comply with any security restrictions placed on them by your organisation.

We understand the importance of corporate image and all our staff are smartly attired in official uniforms, as well as being issued with identity cards for ease of recognition.

We give high attention to the environment by constantly investing in eco products and services that ensure its sustainability.

Reuse Reduce Recycle

Our commitment to environment policy

Bad Boy Cleaning Services is committed to the protection of every employee who plays a part in our operations. We conduct our business safely, respecting and caring for the safety of all in every location we operate in. To achieve this, we systematically manage risks, applying health and safety principles to eliminate injuries, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our operations.

Our Plan: To meet with our commitment,


  • The recruitment of personnel who are mature, trustworthy and able to understand the importance of company rules and regulations.
  • The assurance of the understanding of employees that a safe working environment is a company rule, and that it is their responsibility to apply this through being mindful of their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them.
  • The undergoing of formal training for the safe performance of their job.






Cleaning materials/chemicals:

  • Our objective is to purchase high quality products.
  • We maintain data sheets on all the cleaning chemicals we use.
  • Utilizing cleaning chemicals and machinery that satisfies our customers' requirements.
  • The use of quality controlled cleaning chemicals and machinery this is all compliant with ISO.9000 requirements.

  • The vast majority of the machinery and cleaning consumables that Bad Boy Cleaning Services uses are imported by our sister company, The Cleaning Centre. This company adheres to the same code of ethics and standards that we do.

    Our Policy: We are committed to the following objectives:
  • To provide our customers with only quality cleaning materials and machinery
  • To provide those products and services on time, utilizing efficient methods
  • To provide our customers with the best value for our services
  • To provide open, effective communication with our customers

NHS Health Care

NHSWe know that cleanliness is vitally important. We are proud to adopt the policies of the NHS, England's most authoritative source of health care information, applying these in our work to provide our customers with the highest standards of hygiene. In addition, we also stay up to date with the latest developments in this field and provide continuous training to our staff.

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