6 tips for Effective Spring Cleaning

Eager to pack away your quilts, blankets and boots? Check out these simple tips for a successful spring cleaning.

1. Make a checklist – There is no better way to stay organised when spring cleaning your home than by creating a checklist. Jot down all the chores you want to complete and split them up according to your schedule. Having a checklist helps you stay focused and ensures you do not miss any tasks. 

2. Organise your cleaning cupboard – We are all guilty of accumulating empty spray bottles and cleaning products we rarely use. Get your cleaning cupboard in order to remain organised and efficient – and save time searching for products. Invest in storage solutions like bins or shelves to keep everything neatly arranged.

3. Declutter – This means that you must throw things out, or donate them. Spring is a time of change, so you would do well to let go of items that are of little to no use to you – from old clothes and blankets to gadgets and bits of furniture. Decluttering not only makes your space look tidier but also creates more room for the things you actually need. 

4. Focus on seasonal chores first – Do your winter shoes need cleaning before storing them away? Does your quilt need to be dry cleaned? Some chores are only carried out during the change of seasons, so you would best start with them.

5. Tackle one room at a time – This method is great for doing a lot in less time. For an effective deep clean, create a list of chores for each room, starting with those that haven’t been done in a while, such as cleaning out kitchen cupboards and throwing out expired food items.

6. Clean from top to bottom – Starting from high cupboards, shelves or the top of appliances such as a fridge and cooker hood will spare you from cleaning lower units twice, as dust, debris and crumbs will undoubtedly fall from high surfaces, especially those that get cleaned thoroughly a handful of times a year.