4 facts to consider before cleaning your carpets

There’s more to carpet cleaning than removing stains or vacuuming crumbs. Here’s why a thorough and professional carpet cleaning for your home is necessary, and important.
  1. Invisible enemies
Carpets are known to accumulate a variety of bacteria, dust mites, mould and allergens that get trapped in their fibres, and are thrown up into the air when you walk or sit on a carpet. These are often inhaled, which could give rise to avoidable health issues, especially for those who are susceptible to respiratory illnesses, such as asthma.
  1. Pets
Even if your four-legged friends live mostly indoors and take pride in keeping themselves clean, they will inevitably transfer some dirt or bacteria from their fur and paws onto your carpets, which fall in between its miniscule fibres. These could be particularly harmful for very young children and the elderly if ingested accidentally.
  1. A refreshed room
At the very least, a clean and freshly-maintained carpet has a way of elevating the appearance of a room. You may not instantly notice that its colours appear dull and its texture matted, but the difference is easy to spot once your carpet receives a professional deep-clean – and its spruced-up appearance will boost your home’s look too.
  1. Professional Vs DIY
A spritz of carpet cleaner and a good wipe down might seem sufficient to get your carpets back to full working order. But truthfully, carpet cleaning is a task best left to the professionals, both for achieving optimal hygiene, as well as to maintain the carpet’s quality and longevity. For instance, using too much water could increase the growth of mould, rather than eliminate it, and harsh chemicals that aren’t appropriate for your carpet’s material could damage it, instead of clean it. So, when in doubt call the experts for help.